domingo, 27 de setembro de 2009


As she gets closer to me I start feeling butterflies in my stomach. She looks mysterious today, I think it is because of her sunglasses, I had never seen her in a sunny day before. She walks beautifully as her long straight highlighted hair swings from side to side, along with the warm breeze of spring time. The pair of jeans she is wearing makes her hips look curvier as if she was trying to disguise her petit figure. I see her turning her eyes towards me, but they never look straight to me, I feel them over my head and I make a fool of myself because I cannot help staring at her. She passes by me in a few seconds which I feel like heaven’s eternity. I remain sat in the park bench, she has got me paralyzed and I miss her disappearance along the way. When I finally wake from my daytime dream, she is already gone. She will be back, she always does. I keep her image in my head for as long as possible, but it is never long enough. She is everything I have ever wanted to have – I did not get to see her dark brown eyes today – she is all I could ever dream about – she does know how much I care – she is just everything I have ever wanted to be.

2 comentários:

  1. Do you plan on being a writer? cause you write really good!

  2. thanks! i don't actually plan to be writer, but if I end up being one, I'd be really happy!