terça-feira, 4 de agosto de 2009

I will do it my way

I was once told there were two ways I could head to. “Follow this one”, they said while pointing towards a well paved path. It did look rather interesting, for it had flashing signs and led to beautiful buildings. “It indeed seems to be a very nice way to walk through”, I thought. People with smiling faces called me and said everything there was steadily arranged and that I would never be struck by the unexpected.
As my curiosity regarding the second way grew, I decided that was the one I would follow. Although it did not look as bright as the other and I could not even see through it for it was dark and its flooring was all bumpy, I figured it was challenging. I lit up a candle and moved forward. It was quite a long journey and throughout it I had to build up constructions and as they fell I had to do it again; I also had to make my signs so it would attract those I cared about.
Yet I knew it would take a long time for my path to be as remarkable as the one I was invited in, it still looked much better, for it had much more of me, for it was my own.

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