sábado, 1 de agosto de 2009

Wind Serpents

I never though Serpents could fly,
till you came into my life,
embracing me with your warm breath
and caressing me with your long wings.

Only many years after our first meeting,
I did realize the power of your poison,
the subtleness of your malicious genes,
the reason for the many years of delusion.

For I had been drinking from the most harmful
of the potions, the one that makes you silent,
that showers your dreams and turns you into a shadow.
You took my heart and soul and flew away as Wind Serpents do

Silence is, after all, the saddest word,
This is my tragic saga,
Unable to a word utter,
I can tell no one
about Wind Serpents.

© Maria Cristina Schleder de Borba

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